Saturday, November 21, 2015

From Moccasin to Ridgecrest, California

We decided to take Highway 99 south and then 178 to Ridgecrest towards Death Valley National Park. We stayed at Walmart at Delano and Ridgecrest. There’s miles and miles of fruit/nut trees and vines. I know they say California is in a drought, but there’s a lot of irrigating these trees. Also a lot of dairy operations and industrial plants - Kraft, Halos, milk. In the Bakersfield area it was so smoggy you couldn’t even see that there were mountains until we got close.

The Jawbone Station is a BLM office that we stopped at. They had information on boondocking in the area, mines, the Trona Pinnacles, and Death Valley. C&SLC&SL

Click here for more pictures.

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