Saturday, September 21, 2019

08-29-19 - Going around Edmonton, Elk Island NP to Battleford, Saskatchewan

There are a lot more farms and cattle and crop land. We've also noticed oil wells and oil companies.  We went around the top of Edmonton and then stopped at Elk Island National Park. From there were went on to Vegreville Walmart for the night.

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Elk Island National Park plays an important part in the conservation of the American bison. The Canadian government purchased one of the last herds of bison and between 1907 and 1912 and shipped 400 wild bison by train to Elk Island National Park.  They also have elk, moose and deer. Elk Island National Park is the only national park that maintains herds of both subspecies of North American Bison; Wood Bison on the south side of the highway and Plains Bison on the north side.

From there, on to Battleford, Saskatchewan.

We stopped at North Battleford Walmart in Saskatchewan for the evening. We were going to stay at Finlayson Island, a gravel parking lot that we found on iOverlander. As we got to the bridge to cross to the island, we saw a sign that says "Bridge Restriction 8 tonne";  so we went to Walmart.

I saw this at Elk Island and thought it was cute.

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08/27/19 - Through Dawson Creek, BC, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

Dawson Creek is "mile 0" of the Alaska Highway.  It provides a gateway to the Alaska highway, which connects Northern British Columbia, the Yukon and Alaska to southern Canada and the lower 48 states of the United States. We happened to take this way home, instead of on our way there.

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We stopped at Grande Prairie Walmart for the evening, along with many other RVs. This was the first Walmart we've seen that charges to use their carts, and then the coin back when you're done and connect it to the other carts.

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08/26/19 - Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Going from Watson Lake to Fort Nelson, we drove through the Northern Rocky Mountains.  There's some beautiful areas. The highest point on the Alaska highway is Summit Lake at an elevation of 4250 feet above sea level

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We stopped across the highway from Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park; there is an overflow parking lot. There's a fee booth as soon as you turn off the highway to go to the hot springs and campground. We just wanted to go in and look around, but we found out they charge $5/person for day use, so we didn't. We have seen hot springs before. I don't know if this one has the sulfur smell the other ones have; if they do, I wouldn't want to soak in it. I know it's a very popular place.

Muncho Lake is known for its jade green color which is attributed to the presence of copper oxide leached from the bedrock below.  We stopped at a couple places along the way for pictures. 

One of the ladies at the Watson Lake visitor center said we'd see more animals along the route from Watson Lake to Fort Nelson, than we've seen anywhere. She was right. We saw wood buffalo, caribou, stone sheep and deer along the way today. Missed two bear pictures.

We stopped at the visitor center in Fort Nelson. They have free wifi and a free dump station and water next door.  A little ways from there, we stopped at a turnout at MM 245.3 for the night. What we've seen of British Columbia is that it's very clean and ditches and roads are mowed. There's a lot of litter cans and no garbage.

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