Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sugar Beet Harvest review

Sugar beet harvest was approximately 11 days. We were on the farm from October 2nd through the 19th, but the first few days they were finishing harvesting potatoes, and then there were a few days of rain and of heat that the guys couldn't harvest. The harvest was 24/7, with 12-hour day and night shifts. Luckily Curt was able to do day shift. There were live-bottom semi trailers and tri-axles that they drove. Some of the fields were right by the farm, and some were a couple of miles away. The piler was about 7 miles from the farm.

We were able to park in the farmyard with 30/50 amp. There was a dump and water available. Verizon 4G, internet, TV.  We were about 20 miles from Grand Forks. 

The video below is the truck in front of Curt at the piler station.  

For more pictures of our time on the farm, and some pics of the Grand Forks area, please click here.  There's also a few videos; hopefully they're not too big to be loaded.  If they are, please let me know.

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