Friday, May 6, 2016

Camels Hump Lake, Sentinel Butte, ND

Camels Hump Lake is off exit 10 off I-94. There is about 3/4 mile of decent gravel road from the highway turnoff. I can’t find much information on the internet for it, but we know of it since we’re from Dickinson, which is about 50 miles east. There’s a couple of roads around the lake. We take the second one in. There are three campsites and picnic tables in this area. We haven’t taken the other roads, so I don’t know if there are tables there or not.

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It’s a free spot. There is a boat launch there. There was a couple kayaking and one boating. People on the other side were fishing. For fishing, they ask not to use live bait. While sitting on the shore, we had a otter swim by; wasn’t bothered by us talking to him at all. We had Verizon 3G 1-2 bar service. It’s right off interstate, so there is highway noise.     

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