Friday, May 30, 2014

5/27/14-5/28/14: Ludington, MI, North Breakwater Lighthouse and SS Badger

Any time we got closer to the water, it got really foggy that morning.

The SS Spartan, which was decommissioned. 

 It was cold and foggy all day.

How's that for an original name?
Curt got a new toolbox at Menards, so he spent the evening sorting through things.
 Looks like the SS Badger is getting ready to go.
 We went to watch it load up.

 I don't think Curt would want somebody else backing our RV in.

 We were surprised how many trucks there were.

I wonder what it costs him with that weight?

 She's an old ship
 looking a little dented

We figured it would cost us around $450 for our motorhome, jeep and us to go one way.

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