Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5/29:  Tuesday. Crossed in to North Carolina, but we were on a smaller road so didn't have the "Welcome" sign, only the state sign. Went to Carrollwoods Campground and Grapefull Sisters Vineyard in Tabor City, North Carolina, right near the border of North and South. It's a Passport America campground, half-price. They have a vineyard and wine tasting, and campground, so don't have to worry about drinking and driving. It's a small place, only about a dozen sites, but it's full hookups. I washed clothes and this time took the wet clothes to the laundry room and dried them there so we don't have half-wet ones lying around to dry. I hung the towels over the picnic table to dry. We got to taste 8 different wines, and did buy 1 bottle. It's funny though, when we opened the bottle later on tonight, we don't remember it tasting like that!  They grow grapes here, but don't process them here, so we didn't get to see how that's done. Got the bread machine out and chicken in the crock pot. Nice relaxing evening.

5/28: Monday. Memorial Day. Went drove along the beaches north and south of Myrtle Beach. Not really the day of the year to be doing this - the town and beaches were very busy. You see every type of person there. The sand was really hot; it felt good walking in the water. Found 3 caches.

5/27: Sunday. Spent the day just lying around in Georgetown, SC.

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