Monday, May 21, 2012

5/21: Monday. We decided to stay at the campground until we can get the battery maintainer thing from Kentucky UPS 2nd day air. So, hopefully Wednesday AM it will be here if it gets shipped out today. We can only use our Passport America rate of $14 two nights here, so full rate of $28 after that. So it's time to catch up on blog and pictures and all things internet needed today and tomorrow. Curt put in the new backup camera this morning.

5/20: Sunday.  Crossed in to Georgia today, stopped at the visitor's center across the border. As we were looking through the brochures, a man came in asking the lady at the desk if the storm was at Savannah yet. That opened up our ears, as we are going in that direction. Evidently tropical storm Alberto is off shore northern Florida, southern Georgia. We listened to the weather channel they had on there. It sounds like it's mostly rain where we would be, but since we don't really know what to expect, we decided to find a campground in the area and spend the night and go over the brochures we had picked up. It started raining as we left the visitor's center.We went to A Big Wheel RV Park, which is a Passport America park, $14, with full hookups. Not a bad price, compared to our last night of no hookups for $15-something.  We pulled in around 1 or so. There's an old house right at the approach that should be torn down; we weren't sure when we saw that if we wanted to stay or not! But, pulled up to the office. There is a note on their door that we are to just pull in to a spot and they'll catch up to us. We pulled in to #4 and got settled. Around 3 a man knocked on our door and invited us to their Sunday night potluck. Curt decided to go out and wash the motorhome and Jeep off after it quit raining. I washed a load of clothes.

5/19: Saturday. On to Jacksonville.  We decided to go to Camping World there, and if we can't park there, there is a Walmart next door. Land is definitely different now. We're not along the coast, flat, with cattle and horses. Still lots of trees though. We're back on interstate now, which we haven't been for quite a while. They have call boxes every mile. Haven't seen that before. Concrete in their ditches. Some time along the way we crossed into Eastern time. We missed the turn for Camping World, but I don't think we could have gotten in any way. It's a really small area to park in. We went around the area and parked in the Walmart lot.  The Camping World sells and services RVs, so there's a big lot in their backyard that is full of RVs, surrounded by a fence. That should have been a telltale sign for us, the chain link fence also has the barb wire on top.  But, we just figured they don't want people climbing over and destroying things. We saw a security patrol driving around, which is nothing new for Walmarts. I made some chip dip. Curt wanted to look for some stuff in Walmart, so we went in there for a while. I had 2 eggs left, so I decided to hard boil them. The security guy stopped and said that we were not in the best area of town, that  he would not stay there, but we could if we wanted; there was a night patrol that will be on duty. We called Huguenot Memorial Park Campground, which we had looked in to before but since it was late we had decided we didn't want to pay. The security guy that answered said that if we got there by 9:30 and had cash, we would get a spot yet. There were just a few left. Needless to say, we found the address and took off right away.  My eggs were about half done, put the kettle in the sink, and away we went.  Huguenot is a small campground taken care of by the city, I believe. It was full of younger people, mostly tenters. Wasn't level at all. Had a view of the water though. It reminded me of our days at Andrus Resort in North Dakota. Young, having fun, fire pits. Except here no alcohol was allowed. At least it was safe. There were people fishing by the bridges nearby in the dark. The security guy said that  when high tide comes, it brings a lot of good fish in, that's why. And, my hard boiled eggs were done just right. 

5/18: Friday. The title company e-mailed us the paperwork we need to sign and said closing would be this afternoon. So we found a Wells Fargo bank and went there to sign and have it notarized. Then came back and scanned the papers and e-mailed them back. Went to the post office and mailed them. Once this all goes through, we will be house-less. Went along the coast. These beaches are not near what the others were. Very little fanciness to it. Lots of places for sale. We stopped at Perry Florida Walmart.

5/17:  Thursday. We found out that we are closing on the house at 3:00 today, and that we would have to sign papers and overnight them back, so we decided to stay here another night. We moved to a different part. Fedex is only a couple blocks from here and the post office is just a block away.  The bank called and said they didn't have the paperwork done for the house closing, it would have to be rescheduled for either Friday or Monday. She said the title company was busy tomorrow, Friday, but they would see if the could work it in. She would let us know tomorrow. Decided to do some geocaching.

5/16: Wednesday. I have to go through the pictures from day-to-day to remember what we did . I need to write things down if I can't get on the blog.  More bridges, more beaches, lots of and and water. There were not many areas for the RV to park along the coast like we had previously. There's a lot of sand along the highways, a car even had gotten too far over and was stuck. (Luckily not us.) We stayed at Walmart in Lynne Haven overnight. It looks fairly new.

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