Monday, May 14, 2012

5/09 through 5/11 we stayed at Magic River Campground. It's a Passport America campground. It was a peaceful place, other than the traffic, but only a few campers and very little noise otherwise. The weather was beautiful. We stayed in camp the first 2 days and cleaned and rearranged things. On Friday we went to Lowes, Walmart and the post office. When we got back to the RV, our mail was waiting for us. It sure would be nice to be able to get everything on line; some businesses are slow on that change.

5/12: Saturday, left for Mobile. We waited until around noon, as their weather wasn't sounding so good. They had tornado and severe storm warnings last night. There's a huge flea market I'd like to see with a Walmart near by, so we stayed there.

5/13: Sunday, we got to the flea market around 10 or so; parked in a closed business parking lot. Talk about vehicles. The flea market was more of a large rummage sale; guess I was kind of disappointed. I was expecting more homemade things, crafts, farmers market.  There was produce there, but I think they got it from a grocery store as the strawberries were in the clear plastic baskets with labels on and so was the lettuce. There was everything from motorcycles to lawnmowers to clothes to books to animals. There were puppies, snakes, rats, hamsters, chickens, rabbits. I did get a silk rose from a lady for Mother's Day though, that was nice.  After that we worked our way to Foley, Alabama. We had the street number but the wrong town in the GPS so she was taking us north. Luckily, I had the Ipad on and got us back to the correct road. Yay Ipad!  More bridges and water. As we got to town, there was an Art in the Park show going on, so we stopped and walked through that. It's good we live in an RV, only so much room to put stuff!  After that we headed to Tanger outlet store. Curt got some Nike shoes. We both tried on shoes and sandals at the Croc store, but they're way too wide for my feet. We headed to Walmart for the night.  We went to Walmart and looked for sandals or the generic Crocs there. We both got a pair of sandals; $6 and $12, not bad.  Got e-cards from the kids for Mother's Day - thanks!

5/14: Note to self: Alabama Walmarts have a street cleaner that goes about 3-4 in the morning. We should have learned from Mobile. And a semi was near by starting off and on during the night. We decided to go to the Big Lagoon State Park in Pensacola, Florida for the night and from there it is a short distance to the naval base and museum where we can watch the Blue Angels practice tomorrow morning. They've got electricity and water so I decided to do a load of clothes/towels and baked some banana bread with some bananas that had been setting on my counter for a while and some cookies. Turned out pretty good. I'll learn this convection oven yet. They even have a clothes line at the back of the site so I hung out the towels to try so there isn't so much humidity in the RV.

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