Saturday, May 5, 2012

5/02: We left the KOA around 11:00. Got to Katy, Texas and filled fuel at Flying J, $3.97/gallon. We went to Sam's and then Camping World and did some shopping in both places and stayed there the night. It was very hot and humid, but at least we had a breeze coming in the windows. I'm always looking for a place without wind; thank goodness we had some tonight. We didn't want to run the generator all night, so the breeze was good. Curt was able to fix the washing machine.

5/03:  Left around 10:00.  Went to Palms RV Park in Dickinson, Texas, used the Passport America for half price. Not the fanciest place, but it was a good place for a stopping place with water and electricity and able to get to NASA center from there. We went to the NASA space center for a couple of hours and then walked on the Kemah boardwalk. Kemah is definitely a tourist area, mostly carnival rides and eating places. After that Curt hooked up the water softener and washed the front of the motorhome and then the Jeep. 

5/04:  Left at 11:45 and went to Galveston Island, Texas. We stayed on the beach on the Gulf of Mexico, dry camping, for $20. 88% humidity in  the motorhome. Fishy smell outside. They clean the beach off; there is a plant growth all over. Lots of people on the beach. We went to the Ocean Star Offshore Drilling Rig and Museum,  and then walked through the historic area on Strand boardwalk.  Galveston Island had been hit by a hurricane in 2008, I believe. There are still a lot of places that were just left abandoned. We walked on the beach, and Curt used his metal detector for a while. Didn't find a whole lot other than a lot of garbage.  Ended up bringing sand in the motorhome. He took pictures of us outside in the moonlight with the Gulf to our backs.

5/05:  Woke up to beach cleaners about 5:30. They were dozing the plant growth to a pile. Decided to head on to Louisiana. Stopped at the information center just across the border. The lady there gave us a lot of information. They have a lake there, with signs of no swimming (with a picture of an alligator) and a sign to watch for snakes. We went on to Lafayette, stayed the night at one of the Walmart's there. There is a security patrol that drives around, and when we went inside there was a county deputy standing at one of the check-outs. Not sure if either of them will be there all night. I'm glad they're around, but then again...

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