Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vicksburg, AZ Boondocking

We found Vicksburg boondocking area through freecampsites.net. It states BLM, but we haven’t seen any signs stating that. You turn off hwy. 72 on to Vicksburg Pit Road, crossing a cattle crossing, and then the railroad track. The pavement ends shortly after that. Going straight takes you to the gravel pit, the right turn takes you to the boondocking areas. We unhooked the jeep and drove down a little ways to check out other spots and settled on the first one, 33°74763, -113°74608.  We aren’t too far from the highway and railroad tracks. There is some highway noise and the train has gone by blowing its whistle maybe once a day.  Occasionally there are trucks going to the gravel pit. The first day we were by ourselves. Now there’s three motorhomes with trailers down the road from us with dirt bikes and ATVs. We get Verizon 4G 2 bar with booster. One Spanish TV channel. Nearest post office and Family Dollar (food) is in Salome, about 12 miles. The temperature has been from the 70s to 90s. The first couple of days it was really windy, with dust devils whirling through the area.

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For those that like geocaching, some of the desert areas have a lot to find. We walked to 8 of them near us, about 2 miles round trip. Then we took the jeep and drove about 13 miles round trip and found 47 geocaches. Not real hard finds, some interesting containers. The hardest part was driving on the “road”; more of an ATV trail, but we made it.

An old cell phone as a geocache container
The 47 geocaches we found
The "road" geocaching

Desert blooms
Cholla cactus bloom
Hummingbird like the Ocotillo cactus
Ocotillo cactus bloom
Click here for more pictures. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. 

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