Thursday, April 7, 2016

Start heading North

It’s a strange feeling driving any distance again; we’ve been bopping around the desert for about the last four months. After 95 degrees yesterday, I think anything sounds good! We waited for our mail to come in to the post office at Salome this week and then headed out. We drove 121 miles, from Vicksburg to Prescott Walmart. It was nice to see “real” trees and cherry blossoms and green grass and animals.

We stopped at Prescott Steel and Welding to get a piece of aluminum for the solar frame we’re adding. We were there two years ago for our first installation and after checking prices in Lake Havasu City, we decided to come back again. They only charged $7.14 for a piece of aluminum cut and bent, that took about three minutes. In Lake Havasu City it would have been $50 just for the labor (I suppose they have a minimum).

Depending on the weather (it’s suppose to rain off and on this weekend) we’re hoping to go to Montezuma’s Castle and drive around the Sedona area, and then head up to Flagstaff to pick up our solar panels on Monday or Tuesday. We’re at Walmart tonight with a couple of other RVs and about 6 cars/vans settling in for the night.

For more pictures of our travels today, please click here.  You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. 


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