Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our 4-year anniversary

Four years ago today (on a Friday the13th none-the-less), we started our full time adventurers. Not really sure if what we were doing was right; but the house was sold and so was almost everything else. We’ve learned a lot, had a lot of adventures and probably a few more gray hair. Five years ago we wouldn’t have believed that we’d have spent a winter boondocking in the desert, or had seen all of the places we have.


I started going through pictures from the blog postings, to see if I could pick out some favorite places to show. That’s really hard; we’ve seen so much. Looking back at our 2015 summary, we saw five national parks last year, plus national monuments, battlefields, etc., and many other interesting and beautiful places. A lot of people ask what our favorite place has been? I don’t know, a lot depends on the time of year you are there. Seeing the spring blossoms and green grass is great, especially if you’ve been in the desert for the winter. Seeing the leaves changing color is beautiful, in many different parts of the US. We’ve seen snow (not planned), been hailed on (not too bad), ran away from hurricanes and severe thunderstorms. We’ve spent time with family and met new people. We are lucky that we have been able to continue to live like this.