Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Forest Service Road 088 boondocking Near Bryce Canyon


We found Forest Service Road 088 through We also talked to the forest rangers at the Red Canyon Visitor Center off highway 12. Initially we were going to go to Tom’s Best Spring Road dispersed camping, but they suggested this spot instead with rain/snow coming in. This is our base to go to Bryce Canyon National Park.

It’s in the Dixie National Forest and there are trees, but we found an area beside some corrals where we got some sunshine. We did get snow, but it melted fast. We had 4G 3 bar Verizon and able to use the internet. There were 17 TV channels. The road in from the highway is a good graded road. FR088 is narrow, like most forest roads, but we were able to get in and out easy with the motorhome. We had another camper near us, and occasionally a few pickups and cars driving the forest road.

You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them. 

There are a lot of forest service roads in the area and we took the jeep and drove around. Further down FR088 is a lake, there were a few people fishing there. There’s also a primitive campground with a dump and water. We did see some antelope in the area, and one morning  some walked through our camping area. The forest road we took came out near the entrance to Bryce Canyon, and then we came back on the highway through Bryce City. 

  For more pictures of the area, please click here.

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