Saturday, April 23, 2016

BLM Highway 89 gravel pit boondocking

This is another site we found at While at the BLM Paria office, she told me about an area nearby this, down by the river, and we figured we’d park here and then scout it out with the jeep. There’s a few areas we might have been able to get in to, but there was no Verizon cell phone reception. We drove a little further on toward Zion National Park, but didn’t find anything for us to fit. We drove back to our gravel pit and settled in. Friday when we got there it was raining, but the rest of the time was nice. We used this spot as our base for visiting Zion National Park, and Curt was able to add our new solar panels.

When pulling off the highway, we took the left road to the gravel pit area. You can turn right which takes you to other areas to park, the road isn’t as good. There was an RV parked closer to the highway, over the hill from us. We did have Verizon cell service, but could not get internet. We had 10 TV channels. There’s garbage left behind from people doing target practice. There was traffic through the area daily, including a few gravel trucks.

One day we had a police helicopter flying around the area for hours. We don’t know if someone was missing, escaped or they were just doing training. We did keep our doors locked and tried to find a local radio channel to see if there was any info, but never did find out what was going on.

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