Friday, October 30, 2015

Raining in Oregon and Work to be Done on the Coach

We knew the rain would come eventually - this is the start of the rainy season of Oregon. We've been in Junction City, Coburg and Eugene, Oregon the past week getting some things done on the motorhome and pricing out tires, windows, etc.  Junction City and Coburg are generally known as RV cities due to the businesses in the area that manufacture/repair coaches of all kinds. A lot of the businesses will let you stay in their parking lot the night before your scheduled appointment, so that helps. Guaranty RV in Junction City even has a lot with electric, water and a dump. The Valley River Center mall in Eugene allows parking in their mall lot behind the mall for two nights. There is a security car that drives around and you register with them.  We drove to a tire shop with the jeep to check out their tires and it was kind of hard to get to with their one-way streets and our GPS giving strange directions.  It's a busy place.

I was planning on going to Cottage Grove after our work is done to see their covered bridges (have the most in Oregon), but this isn't the best sightseeing weather and it looks like it won't clear up until next week Wednesday. May be taking pictures in the rain.


 Day before Halloween, at a gym near the Valley River Mall. 

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