Monday, October 5, 2015

Perrine Memorial Bridge, BASE jumpers, Shoshone Falls, at Twin Falls ID

Crossing the Perrine Memorial Bridge in to Twin Falls, Idaho, is a great view of the Snake River and some of the valley area below. I had read about BASE jumpers who use the Perrine Memorial Bridge and hoped that there would be some when we got there. We were lucky as they spent most of the day there. It took some time in between jumps, but we got some good pictures. The bridge is about 480 feet above the Snake River - that’s a long ways down! It’s the only bridge in the U.S. where BASE jumpers can jump 24 hours/day 365/days.

Shoshone Falls is called the Niagara of the West. It is 212 feet high, higher than Niagara Falls. The first picture is what it looks like in spring and summer, when the water runs. The second picture is what we saw, after they divert the water to the power plant. They charge $3 per car in the spring and summer.

IMG_4628                                     IMG_4766

We tried to find a way to Evil Kneivel’s jump site from 1974. All that’s left is the mound of dirt he had used, but we couldn’t find the path to get there. The canyon at that spot was 1800 feet across and 485 feet deep.

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