Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hayspur Hatchery, Idaho - Boondocking

We moved from Crater of the Moon to some dispersed camping. We were going to stop at Silver Creek West access campground, but the road is too narrow for us to drive through. We took the jeep in to see it, and it’s a nice place right by the water. Maybe 3-4 sites, mowed, decent size.The road in has trees growing right along the edge, so it’s a tight fit for a large vehicle.  From there we went to Hayspur Hatchery. It’s a meadow area with a few picnic tables and fire rings, some trees. There are 2 vault toilets and water by the camp host. There is a camp host but you never see him.  You can stay 14 days here. Good Verizon cell service and we got 4 TV channels.

IMG_3065   IMG_3063   IMG_3067IMG_3068   IMG_3069   IMG_3083 - 1

We have seen a lot of wildlife while here - 4 moose (a bull, cow, calf, and another lone young bull) antelope, geese, rabbits and lots of birds, and trout in the river and hatchery. We’ve heard coyotes at night. Curt was out walking with the camera w/zoom lens when he spotted this moose, who started coming towards him. He climbed into a tree, pictured below, to take pictures.

C&SL  C&SL  C&SL  C&SL  C&SL  C&SL    C&SL  C&SL  IMG_3649 


We drove to Bellevue and Hailey, picked up a package from the post office and got some groceries. We went to the Silver Creek Nature Preserve, but the Visitor Center was closed the day we were there. We drove through and saw fishermen in the river. There supposedly are elk there, but we didn’t see any.

We've got some moon eclipse pictures too.

For more pictures, click here

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