Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pass Creek County Campground, Curtin, OR

Pass Creek RV Park & Campground is a Douglas County campground off of I-5, exit 163. There is highway noise. We're also right beside railroad tracks; so far I haven't heard a train - I'll update on that later. It’s $23.00 night for full hookups, 50 amp electric. There are picnic tables and fire rings at the sites. They have a restroom and showers; I saw a sign for showers $5.00. I don’t know if that’s for campers or those coming in just for showers. I picked this campground because of location and price. The majority of the campgrounds are $30 and over, so this one at $23 is a good price. For location, I want to see the covered bridges near Cottage Grove; I think we’re about 12 miles south of that. Hopefully the rain quits so we can do something. As I’m writing this, it is pouring.

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Yup, there’s a train. We heard it twice in three days. C&SL
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Friday, October 30, 2015

Raining in Oregon and Work to be Done on the Coach

We knew the rain would come eventually - this is the start of the rainy season of Oregon. We've been in Junction City, Coburg and Eugene, Oregon the past week getting some things done on the motorhome and pricing out tires, windows, etc.  Junction City and Coburg are generally known as RV cities due to the businesses in the area that manufacture/repair coaches of all kinds. A lot of the businesses will let you stay in their parking lot the night before your scheduled appointment, so that helps. Guaranty RV in Junction City even has a lot with electric, water and a dump. The Valley River Center mall in Eugene allows parking in their mall lot behind the mall for two nights. There is a security car that drives around and you register with them.  We drove to a tire shop with the jeep to check out their tires and it was kind of hard to get to with their one-way streets and our GPS giving strange directions.  It's a busy place.

I was planning on going to Cottage Grove after our work is done to see their covered bridges (have the most in Oregon), but this isn't the best sightseeing weather and it looks like it won't clear up until next week Wednesday. May be taking pictures in the rain.


 Day before Halloween, at a gym near the Valley River Mall. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

Eugene Kamping World RV Park, Oregon

Eugene Kamping World RV Park is off highway 5 in Coburg, OR. They are next door to the TA (Travel America) truck stop. They have full hookups or water/electric, 30 or 50 amp, and tent sites. We were in row C, site #5 with water/electric and 50 amp. There is a dump station, propane, laundry and showers. They gave us a wifi code, but we weren’t able to connect. They have cable TV, but we got quite a few channels with our antenna. Power worked well.

IMG_7122  IMG_7110  IMG_7111  IMG_7112  IMG_7107  IMG_7108  IMG_7114  IMG_7117  IMG_7115  IMG_7118  IMG_7119  IMG_7121  Eugene Kamping World RV Park, OR (1)Eugene Kamping World RV Park, OR (2)Eugene Kamping World RV Park, OR (3)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Snake River, Oregon Side Boondocking

After almost a month in Idaho, we finally made it to Oregon!  We’re at a free campsite, right beside a campground, Catfish Junction RV Park. There are three dispersed areas to camp off highway 201, the first is shortly after getting off highway 84. We decided to stop at the one nearest the campground since we wanted to spend a day driving up to Hell’s Canyon. We thought this might be a safer area. We also are going to have our mail sent to Weiser, the nearest town about 7 miles. We have 3GVerizon cell service with our booster and 7 TV channels; both of these are occasionally. Sometimes neither the internet nor the TV will work. We talked to a couple that was here the first night and they didn’t have any cell service, so I guess our booster must work.

There are two picnic tables and fire rings, a vault toilet, and a public boat launch. It’s not a large area, but could easily get 6-7 campers. Some days we had one other camper with us, some days by ourselves. There are trains on the other side of the Snake River, some days louder than others, but never woke me up at night. But then, we had our windows closed at night as the temperature was cool. Saturday and Sunday mornings there were goose hunters docking their boats. We’ve had two days of rain, otherwise its been perfect weather. Beautiful sunsets across the water.

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