Sunday, October 5, 2014

Petroglyph National Monument, NM and heading south

10/05/15:  Petroglyph National Monument protects one of the largest petroglyph sites in North America. You can pick up trail maps at the Visitor’s Center, but there are no trails there; they are a couple of miles away. We decided to start with Rinconada Canyon Trail, 2.2 mile loop, with up to 300 petroglyphs. We took the Jeep for that as their parking lots are pretty small at the trailheads.
IMG_8316  IMG_8318  IMG_8319  IMG_8321  IMG_8322  IMG_8331  IMG_8332  IMG_8333  IMG_8335 
Petroglyph National Monument, NM (1)Petroglyph National Monument, NM (2)Petroglyph National Monument, NM (3)IMG_8339  IMG_8342  IMG_8347    Petroglyph National Monument, NM (5)Petroglyph National Monument, NM (6)  IMG_8349  IMG_8353 IMG_8358  IMG_8367  IMG_8375  IMG_8379  IMG_8388  IMG_8402  IMG_8417  IMG_8424  IMG_8451                  Did we see 300 petroglyphs?  Not a chance, but they’re probably spread all over the hills. Some pictures turned out good, others not so well. The trail is sand, so it was hard to walk on. People are not suppose to cross the fence or climb on the rocks (that’s why I took a picture of them doing it). We did tell a volunteer on our way out, but he really didn’t seem to care.

Next we went to Piedras Marcadas Canyon Trail.This is also a sand trail, not near as clearly noted at the other trail system. There are tracks all over.
Petroglyph National Monument, NM (7)  Petroglyph National Monument, NM (8)  IMG_8478  IMG_8516  IMG_8481  IMG_8484  IMG_8493  IMG_8511  IMG_8496
IMG_8524  IMG_8543  IMG_8550  IMG_8562  IMG_8587  IMG_8608  IMG_8613  IMG_8614  IMG_8643 
10/06/15: IMG_8656  IMG_8687  IMG_8689  IMG_8708  IMG_8711  IMG_8715 
A trivia note for Truth or Consequences, NM: Originally named Hot Springs, the city changed its name to Truth or Consequences, the title of a popular NBC Radio program. In 1950, Ralph Edwards, the host of the radio quiz show, Truth or Consequences, announced that he would air the program from the first town that renamed itself after the show; Hot Springs won the honor. Edwards visited the town during the first weekend of May for the next 50 years. This event was called "Fiesta" and included a beauty contest, a parade, and a stage show. The city still celebrates Fiesta each year during the first weekend of May.  In 2012, the population was 6,411.
IMG_8722  IMG_8743  IMG_8746  IMG_8751  IMG_8762  IMG_8764  IMG_8773  IMG_8774  IMG_8779

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