Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Into Texas, through El Paso, by the Mexican border

IMG_8790  IMG_8806  IMG_8805  IMG_8813  IMG_8821  IMG_8824 

Texas: IMG_8825  IMG_8829  IMG_8837  IMG_8843  IMG_8848  IMG_8869IMG_8858 IMG_8864    IMG_8879  IMG_8884  IMG_8887  IMG_8901  IMG_8917  IMG_8929  IMG_8951  IMG_8952  IMG_8966  IMG_8968  IMG_8990  IMG_8994  IMG_9005  IMG_9011  IMG_9029  IMG_9030  IMG_9045  IMG_9048  IMG_9049  IMG_9050  IMG_9051  IMG_9056  IMG_9057    IMG_9066  IMG_9069  IMG_9072  IMG_9073  IMG_9074  

We stayed in Van Horn, in a large parking lot behind the McDonalds, along with a lot of other trucks for the evening. IMG_9082  IMG_9085  IMG_9091  IMG_9095  IMG_9112  IMG_9115  IMG_9119  IMG_9122  IMG_9124  IMG_9129  IMG_9140 

We could see this blimp, below picture, for quite a few miles. We were thinking it might be a weather balloon, but found out that it’s a blimp surveillance system to help patrol the border. On the second picture we can see the “tether” to keep it grounded.

IMG_9153  IMG_9162
IMG_9197  IMG_9200  IMG_9223  IMG_9244  IMG_9263  IMG_9273  IMG_9278  IMG_9283  IMG_9285  IMG_9300  IMG_9309  IMG_9314 

This took us to Bend Bend Ranch State Park, which will be my next post.

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