Thursday, June 19, 2014

6/18/14:  On to Crystal Lake Campground, Strum, WI

Lots of ponds, with lots of boats

Flat area of the country

 Different color barns

Marshfield, WI

Still in Marshfield

Haven't heard of a "Private Park" before.

Figi's catalog distribution center and corporate offices.

Okay, really? We slowed down and the car coming over the hill
slowed down so he wouldn't get hit. Really people?!

Reed School Historic Site, built in 1915, restored and opened
as a historic site in 2007.
More rolling hills now
 Chatty Belle, Talking Cow at Neillsville, WI above. We didn't stop to see if she still talks. The picture below is a pavilion from 1964-1965 New York World's Fair, beside Chatty Belle.

Haven't seen a the A&W bear for a long time!
Not too often you see snowmobile crossings in town, but then,
again, in small northern towns with snow, you probably do!
About the only kinds of bears we've seen in our travels
(other than a zoo).
Lots more trees.

Not sure what kind of tanks those are.

Camp Non - a sexual freedom camp? Oh, my.
$3.89 cash $3.91 credit diesel

Hope that's not part of the Christmas tree village.

 Moe's Diner, with the bull on top, advertising turkey and veggie burgers below!

All Veteran's Memorial Park

 Crystal Lake Campground, Strum, WI, $20 water, electric, $22 water, electric, sewer, cable. We decided to take the sewer and I can wash clothes.  It rained every day. They have 30/50 amp, but the voltage is low and we couldn't run all of our air conditioners if we had the dryer or microwave, etc. going.

golf course next door

 and it rained
 and rained

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