Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10/22/13:  CanyonlandsNational Park - Needles District

Canyonlands National Park is divided into three land districts; Needles, Island in the Sky and the Maze. There is no road connecting all three districts. In fact, the only way to get to the Maze is to go on the river or hiking. Needles is further south, and we decided we'd do that one first.

 Jeep turned over 54,000 miles

 The business behind the Hole in the Rock started out as a 5,000 square foot home. In 12 years the owner excavated 50,000 cubic feet of sandstone from the rock. There is now a store, exotic petting zoo and house tours. (above and below pics)

 Newspaper Rock petroglyph area

The different rock formations below

 Granaries that were used for storing food.

 Yup, some pretty big rocks

 Long ways down
 The Potholes on Pothole Point Trail below

 Gentleman painting the Needles above

 We decided to go a little ways south through a National Forest, and then come back up to Moab

 We were higher in altitude and colder.

 Bears and avalanches, great - and there is camping somewhere around here.

 Alpaca farm above

 Wilson Arch, right off the highway

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