Tuesday, November 26, 2013

11/12/13: Sunflower RV Resort, Surprise, AZ:  It accepts Passport America at $27.50.  I called and they said we didn’t need a reservation. The next morning we checked into Sunflower and looked around the resort. It is very large, over 1000 sites, but most of them are park models that they sell or lease. There are maybe only 2 dozen RV’s out of the whole area. We were looking into workamping, as we had heard that they might have openings. I talked to the food supervisor and the office manager, who in turn  said she needed to talk to someone else and told us to e-mail our resume to her.

It must be huge - there were miles and miles of white fencing.

Feedlot area, but there are no cattle there
Not sure if this is mining, or what it is

No water in this river.

This Walmart must be a different store that they bought out. It was only groceries and pharmacy. Red trim, green letters. (Walmart is always blue.)
Lots of nice green grass and trees in Suprise.
Sunflower RV Resort, Surprise, AZ
Stop at the gate first.

Courtesy patrol to our site

His front tires are way off the ground to level.

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