Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10/30 and 10/31/13: Flagstaff and CameronTrading Post, Cameron, AZ. We stopped at a solar place in Flagstaff. Curt’s trying to get different ideas and prices of setting up a larger solar system. We only have one panel now and would like more to help out when boondocking. From there we decided on going to Cameron, AZ, which is near the east entrance for the Grand Canyon. The weather is getting pretty cold at night, so trying to find a park in the area that isn’t so terribly expensive and doesn’t need a reservation. It’s $25 a night + tax, with water, sewer and 30 amp electric. It should be upper 50’s Friday, 60’s Saturday, so we’ll stay here two nights and then head over to the Grand Canyon Friday. We decided that it probably would be a good idea being in a campground on Halloween too.

The Arizona Road Runner

 Yup, the dust is blowing

 Full house at Walmart sitting out the wind 

 Looks like rain coming

 and I guess some snow too!

 She wanted to charge me a dollar to take her picture while she was weaving!
 We used to have one of these sand pictures

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