Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10/28: From New Mexico, back in to Arizona again. We stopped at Petrified Forest National Park and Painted Desert.  After that, decided to stop at Root 66 RV Park, Holbrook, AZ. This is a Passport America campground. Very small, but has electricity and a place to stop for the night. We weren't sure what was between there and Winslow, and it was getting really windy out and will be dark soon. After we took off the next morning, there were truck stops all the way to Winslow that we could have stopped at for the night free, but we had no idea. We’ll need to start using Google Earth to see what is in the area. We stopped at Winslow, AZ for the day – it is so windy out, 30 mph wind gusts, or more. By nightfall there were 8 motorhomes, a fifth-wheeler and a pickup topper, plus about a half dozen semi trucks sitting at the Walmart. There is a special parking lot for the trucks and the campers were all in a row right beside it. It was quite a sight to see. Pizza Hut was next door, so I used a gift card and got a $10 large pizza. That was a treat.

 Back to Arizona
 How's this for a welcome sign?

Root 66 RV Park

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