Tuesday, November 26, 2013

10/14/13: We took off from Ellis on the 12th, and on to Colby, KS and then on to Aurora, CO, which is a suburb of Denver. What a windy area of the world. We stayed at a Walmart there, along with other RVs and some semi trucks, watching the weather. Forecast is for snow and rain. Do we find a park and stay here for a few days to let it go through, or see if we can sneak through it?  Some of the campgrounds are already closed for the season, some closed because of the flooding, and the open ones are pretty expensive. We decided on the sneaking, as the weather radar was showing we should be able to make it to Rifle, CO in between storms. NOT!  We got rain and snow and wind. Luckily it wasn’t cold enough to be icy, but it was enough yucky weather for me for the season!  I’d have a hard time going back to work in the cold and snow. 

 Aurora, CO Walmart, elevation 5316 ft
 Leaving the Denver area
 Truckers have to have tire chains

 A couple of tunnels along the way
 Gold mining above and below pics

 Now the rain starts

 This is not what the radar showed when we left town...

 Luckily the roads weren't icy

  A nice ending to the day

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