Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3/20/13, Wednesday: We moved on from the long-term area today as our 14 days are up. So we dumped and filled water before taking off. While filling water, a gentleman from Maryland drove up and started talking to us. (He was at the water spigot right beside us.) He also had a Monaco motorhome and talked about different things on it; the inverter, solar, etc. He said he was ready to get back home to the humidity – I laughed; I told him the other day when it was in the 90’s I was happy there was no humidity!  

We’ve had really warm weather for the last two weeks, some days in the lower 90s. Luckily there’s been a breeze most of the time. I’ve been keeping one of our bedroom windows open at night to cool off.

We’ve basically been waiting for it to warm up north of us to start heading that direction. The evenings are still pretty cool up north, and lots of places with snow yet. Also, a lot of the campgrounds don’t even open up until April 15th to May 1st. So, we’re just kind of hanging out now. We have a screen material that we had used on our other motorhome on the windshield. Curt held it in place with magnets. This motorhome had initially had snap window covers, but the previous owner doesn’t have them any more. so Curt is remodeling our old screens, sewing up the edges and will put snaps on them when we get somewhere to buy snaps.

Other than that, picture scanning is done, taxes are waiting on the accountant and Curt is trying to find something else to keep him busy. I'll keep reading and playing on my iPad and wander around the area.

 You can see the rain coming in.

Sunshine after
I bet he got wet though

Hemming the window screens

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