Sunday, March 10, 2013

3/10/13, Sunday: The scanning of pictures is done. I have 4 grocery bags full to be burned, 1 bag to go to Dean. All of them are saved on one hard drive; I need to get another one or put it in a Cloud backup before we destroy the originals. Looking back at our last blog, it’s been 2 weeks worth of scanning, minus 2 days when we went to Parker and moved to the LaPosa Long-Term area again.  I’m glad it’s done. By the end of the days my neck and back hurt, my eyes were tired, and I was tired. Not used to this full time computer work any more. I tried to do a 30-minute walk daily, but some of the days were so ugly. We’ve had cold and windy days again. This next week is suppose to get up to 90 degrees – good grief.

Being about the middle of March, we’re thinking maybe we have to start heading north to make it to North Dakota in July. Not that we have to be there in July, be we’re meeting our kids the first week in August in Minnesota. We might go to a Monaco rally in Wyoming in June for a couple of days; I believe it’s toward the end of June. So I need to get the maps going again and see what we’re doing.

We met two couples from Dickinson during the RV tent show in January, one of which we knew. The other couple has been retired for two years, I believe it is, and coming to Quartzsite for the winter and back to North Dakota for the summer. They stay at a park in town in Quartzsite. The couple we knew is going to be retiring this spring and traveling this summer and planning on going to Quartzsite next winter. They are also planning on keeping their house.

 Setting up the bird feeder - the ground is really hard!

 It's a lot of fun watching the hummingbirds. They emptied it out.

 Spring is coming to the desert

The saguaro cacti are really tall. They can grow 40-60 feet. They say it takes up to 75 years for them to grow an arm.

 I never tire of the Arizona sunsets

My Face Time girls - love you!

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