Tuesday, March 26, 2013

03/26/2013, Tuesday:  We spent last night at Kofa Mountain RV Park in Quartzsite. Got mail delivered and laundry done. This morning we stopped at The Pit Stop to fill water. The water at the resort isn’t very good; in fact, they have reverse osmosis system in their club house for people to use, but not at the camp sites. We’d read that Quartzsite water isn’t very good, but Curt has been drinking the water we’ve filled at the BLM site. They have their own well though. The Pit Stop also has their own well.

What?! A mouse in my house! I do not want a mouse in my house. I do not want to share my house with a mouse! (I’ve been reading about Dr. Seuss this week.) We’ve been watching for mice since we’re out in the boonies, but haven’t seen anything until the other night. Luckily it was Curt that saw it and not me! He wasn’t able to sleep and so got up and went on the computer for a while. He said he heard some noise and turned his flashlight (I was sleeping so he didn’t turn lights on) on toward the direction of the counter and away it ran. So much for no lights and no noise. He was trying to catch it and didn’t. Then he started opening up bottom cupboard doors trying to find it and see if there were others. So much for sleep that night. He didn’t see any mice. The next day we went in to town and got some mouse glue traps and put them out. We also had a box of Bounce sheets that he put all over. The trap was set and not a very good nights sleep was had. The next morning he got up before I did and I heard him say “Gotcha!” We had a mouse in one of our glue traps. The other ones were empty, but the Bounce evidently didn’t bother him at all. We haven’t seen any since. YES! But we still have the traps out.

Speaking of little creatures, the hummingbirds were upset that we were leaving. As we packed our stuff up, including the Sheppard’s hook which had the bird feeder on it, they kept coming back to the spot and buzzed around like “I know it was right here!”  They were buzzing all around the coach. I had the feeder on the ground for a while, but they never went that far down to find it. So where do they go for nectar if no one feeds them?  There’s blossoms now, but there wasn’t over the winter. It would be interesting to know how many of them were around; our feeder was busy constantly. And, they don’t share. They would chase each away.

This past weekend while at Dome Rock Mountain we went on some hikes. There’s a lot of hills there. I like the walking/hiking part, Curt likes the hiking/climbing part. I gave up on one hill and he kept going. This hill had a lot of loose rock on it. It also had some mining areas. Evidently people are able to mind for gold on the BLM land. It’s rattlesnake season now; so I’m constantly on the watch for them and listening. We’ve only seen some little lizards. Very inconsistent TV at this location, so I’ve spend a lot of time reading my iPad books. Curt’s been working on the coach and actually has flown his kite a few times this month. (Now I can tell him to go fly a kite!)

I’ve been trying to find places to go from here. It seems like a lot of campgrounds are still closed, and some that are open are booked already in to summer. We’ll head up Lake Havasu City; there are some boondocking areas there. Not sure if we’re going to go to Vegas or head towards the Grand Canyon.

A Cholla cactus 

This is one of the hills we climbed (partially). I made it to the white areas on the left (mining), Curt got up to the base of the rocks on top. It's steep and lots of loose rock.

 One of the mining sites.

 He could see a long way from the top.
 Another mining site, this was on the bottom.
 Two blimps that went over us

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