Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fort Stevenson State Park – week 3 – 4th of July weekend

The campground was full this weekend with many people staying the week before or the week after the holiday.

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Friday night at the amphitheater were games of Independence Day Pictionary and Jeopardy.  Saturday morning we had races and in the evening was Trivia. They weren’t attended as much as before, but the weather was great and there were a lot of people out on the water this weekend. 

Also on Saturday morning, kids decorated their bikes for a parade. One of the rangers led them through the park and they ended at the amphitheater for popsicles. 

On one of our days off we drove to Lake Sakakawea State Park, which we can see across the lake, to see if we could visit with the camp hosts there. When we got there, we found out it was someone we knew from Dickinson (our home town)!  We also went to Downstream Campground about 1/2 mile away from there to visit with their fee attendants and camp hosts. They are a Corp of Engineers park. We had noticed on that there was an opening for a camp host there, but when I called we found it it was filled about 2 weeks ago. The gentleman I talked to mentioned they have camp hosts and fee attendants, and when I inquired about them, he suggested talking to them to learn more about it. It sounds like there’s a lot of red tape and web sites to go through for the position. The camp hosts weren’t there at the time. We also recognized the name of one of my cousins on the roster this week as we were doing our rounds around the park, and were able to visit with them. 

We had a potluck with all of the staff this last week, and we received our engraved plaque and gifts. 

Fort Stevenson doesn’t have a fireworks display, but we did watch a few of them across the water as people were lighting them in their back yards. A lot of areas in North Dakota have fire bans and restrictions because of a drought, and many canceled fireworks displays this year. We did get a little shower this week.        

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