Monday, May 22, 2017

Traveling “Home”

How do you define home?  I guess as long as my dad is still alive, Dickinson will still be “home”.  But now that we’ve been full time in our coach for 5 years, home is pretty much wherever we are.  We’re not full time camping as some describe it. We may park in campgrounds, but we don’t carry as much around as we did when we did weekend camping. Then you’d go home and unload for an hour and clean. What we have with is what we’ve got. 

After leaving our daughter’s place, we headed to Dickinson. My dad moved into a retirement home and two of my brothers and I are going through the house to pack it up and get it ready for sale.

You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.  

We stopped at Sweet Briar Recreation Area for some free camping for a couple of nights; one of our favorite boondocking spots.

And stayed at a friend’s place at Dickinson.  

We were in Dickinson for about a week, and then headed to Lewis & Clark State Park for our first camp hosting gig for the summer. We took highway 85 up to Williston and then east on Highway 1804 to the Park. Highway 1804 is under construction.

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