Saturday, March 25, 2017

Jarrell Plantation, Juliette, Georgia

Jarrell Plantation is a State Historic State near Juliette, GA. The visitor center has a museum, gift shop and movie. there are plantation buildings, a picnic area and a small parking lot, but does have a couple sites set for bus/RVs. It is only open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and does have an entrance fee. The do have Saturday events and demonstrations.

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This cotton plantation was owned by a single family for more than 140 years. There were three houses built. The 1920 house, which is not part of the tour, is now a Bed & Breakfast. The houses here aren’t fancy, like many people imagine plantation houses. This is more typical of the Georgia plantations with slaves. 

In 1860, the 600-acre plantation was farmed by 39 slaves. After the Civil War, John Jarrell increased his land to nearly 1,000 acres farmed by former slaves. In 1895, Dick, John’s son, added a sawmill, cotton gin, gristmill, shingle mill, planer, sugar cane press, syrup evaporator, workshop, barn and outbuildings. In 1974, his descendants donated these buildings to establish Jarrell Plantation Historic Site. 

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  1. Tom and I have never explored that part of our beautiful country. Wonderful pictures. I am taking notes. Keep traveling safe.