Saturday, September 10, 2016

Interstate State Park, MN

Our daughter had tickets for the Taylors Falls Queen boat ride that needed to be used this weekend, so while they had their ride we walked around Taylor Falls and Interstate State Park. We had gone to this park a few years ago when our granddaughter was taking rock-climbing lessons. There were people climbing again this time. There is also a campground and hiking trails, and the town of Taylors Falls is across the highway.

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The geology at Interstate State Park is pretty interesting. It has more potholes in a smaller area than any other location in the world, and has the world’s deepest known potholes as well. The deepest one that has been measured accurately, the “Bottomless Pit”, is just under 60 feet deep and 12-15 feet wide. 

For more pictures, please click here.

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