Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, it’s off to work we go…

We started our camp host position at Little Missouri State Park north of Killdeer, ND this week. Our site is next to the ranger office/residence with a full hookup site, although only 30 amp. We are able to plug in to the next site that has a 50/30 amp. There are two rangers that work here, P.J. and Zach, who we will be working with. We’re not exactly sure what we’ll be doing, but it’s a beautiful area in the North Dakota Badlands. The State Park is 20 miles northeast of Killdeer at the edge of the Badlands, what is called the Little Missouri Breaks Country; called “Mako Shika” or “where the land breaks” by the Sioux.

We drove from Dickinson on Highway 22. As you get closer to the Manning and then Killdeer area, you will see a lot of oil well sites. This area is known as the Bakken formation. As of 2014 North Dakota was the second largest oil-producing state in the US, behind only Texas in volume of oil produce. In 2015 the price of oil dropped and the production has gone done. Some companies have sold out or stopped drilling. But it’s still quite a sight to see some of the wells and flares.

Our camp host site.

For more pictures, click here. I’ve included pictures of the drive from Dickinson to the park also. I will add more pictures of the park later.

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