Thursday, March 3, 2016

Just lazing around with the air conditioner going

Depending on which weather station you want, the temperature is anywhere from 86 to 90 degrees in Quartzsite, AZ right now. We went back to Split Rail RV Park again, dump and fill, laundry, etc. But, also with the heat, I thought it would be good timing to get some air conditioning since we don’t do that boondocking even with solar. It’s only 30 amp here, but we can run one conditioner and it’s comfortable. I also finished up scanning paperwork.
We’ve just been hanging around in the desert, bopping around, waiting for the temps in the Flagstaff and Utah areas to warm up a bit before we head up that way. We’re getting more solar panels in Flagstaff. We priced out panels here and they were $75 more each panel. Now when you're talking 4-6 panels, that adds up. Discount Solar has a sign by the door that they will match competitors prices; so we asked. Nope, only competitors in this area. We checked at Solar Bill's also.  They both said they don't compete with on-line sales. If you add up the freight, it would be more they say. Flagstaff, that's a long way! We're driving up there anyway to go to the national parks, so we aren't paying freight. 

We're planning on going to Bryce and Zion National Parks. We have been to Canyonlands and Arches. Just need to search out boondocking and campgrounds.


We made a trip to Parker yesterday with the jeep and couldn’t believe the crazy drivers. Twice we had people pass us on a double yellow line. Really people? We were going speed limit too. Then it happened again on Plomosa Road. 


We also scoped out some boondocking areas near Parker while we were there. One is on Shea Road to the east of Parker. You have to cross the railroad tracks (which are pretty wicked) and then go about 5 miles to find BLM land. There are a few areas that we found with Verizon cell service. Curt isn’t sure he wants to attempt the railroad tracks with the coach though.  The other area is west of Parker, across the river in to California. That also is about 5 miles, but there’s a lot of rocks and seemed harder getting around in.

There were a lot of RVs there, some with slides out, awnings, etc.
More expensive in Parker

We stopped at Walmart for food (they were very busy) and a couple of other places that Curt wanted to look for parts, but didn’t find what he wanted.  I also tried to find a Little Free Library; it address and coordinates take you to the Parker Public Library. I asked a lady at the desk if they had one; she said they do, it’s before you cross the bridge over the river. Interesting, why wouldn’t they put those coordinates for that on the web site? Anyway, we couldn’t find it.

Enough rambling - time to enjoy the sunset!


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