Saturday, March 12, 2016

Camp Bouse and Bouse Museum, Arizona

Bouse was founded in early 1900s as a mining camp and by the 1930's the mining had pretty much slowed down. There is a small park that has old WW II tanks and monuments. 


We learned that in 1943 General George Patton brought WWII troops to Bouse for secret desert training. They tested a top secret weapon which mounted on top of a tank turret known as the "Gizmo". Troop movement was extremely restricted; once in Camp Bouse there was no chance of transferring out. Camp Bouse was closed in April of 1944 and all of the men where shipped back to For Knox, Kentucky, then to Kilmer, New Jersey, and on to England for further training. Each year in February Bouse celebrates Camp Bouse Days with some of the men stationed in Camp Bouse returning. Camp Bouse is approximately 25 miles from the town of Bouse on a dirt road/trail.


There is an interesting video (click here) regarding Camp Bouse that was made in 2014 at their yearly dedication.

There is also a small museum in town


For more pictures of the memorials and museum, please click here. You can click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

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