Sunday, January 24, 2016

Bloggerfest 2016

For bloggers, for followers of bloggers, this was the chance to meet the faces that go along with the blog names. Around 50 people attended. Everyone brought snacks and we visited for a couple of hours. Thank you to Our Awesome Travels and Palomine, I believe, who took the time to set this up!

Owner Bloggerfest 2016  

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  1. Thanks for coming out and joining us, We did accomplished what we set out to do, meet fellow bloggers hope you enjoyed yourselves.

    1. We did, and met a lot of people. It was a good turnout.

    2. I emailed you the blogger list you should have it by now.

  2. Glad we ended up sitting next to you both on Saturday at the Bloggerfest. It is always nice to meet new people and put a face to the blog.

    Safe Travels.

    Celebrating the Dance