Thursday, January 14, 2016

BLM Tom Well’s Road, Ehrenberg, AZ

We found BLM boondocking at Tom Well’s Road through It’s about 6 miles east of Ehrenberg and 12 miles west of Quartzsite. There’s a lot of room here. The rocks are larger in some areas, so you have to watch where to drive. There is a deep dip in the road about a half mile in, and we didin’t cross that. There’s roads east and west, a few rock fire rings. There’s road noise since we’re by Highway 10, and by the exit so you hear truck Jake brakes occasionally. I think if you would go further south, or east, the road noise would probably be less. Lots of places to walk and the weather has been great. Verizon service 4G 2-3 bars.  We got 5 English-speaking TV channels, some Spanish.


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