Wednesday, January 20, 2016

BLM LaPosa South, Quartzsite, AZ

We’ve been at LaPosa South for a couple of days now, enough to know this is one busy place. We are camped with the IRV2 forum group of Monaco, Beaver and Holiday Rambler coaches, and with a few other brands. I think the most they’ve had at one time this year is 39 coaches; people are coming and going. The guys have been busy helping each other out with projects and fixing things.

We went to Quartzsite today to go to the farmers market and then the big tent. Parking wasn’t too bad around 9:00, but by the time we left around noon the traffic was crazy. We got some LED bulbs to change out our ceiling lights, and Curt found the glue he wanted. There’s anything you could want for an RV and, other than that, there’s just a lot of “stuff”. We looked at some of the new and used RVs for sale, and got a lot of walking done. Went to Dollar General to get some bread and milk after that and then came home.

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