Tuesday, December 1, 2015

BLM Silurian Dry Lake Bed Dispersed Camping

We found Silurian Dry Lake Bed from freecampsites.net. It’s a BLM dispersed camping area. Some areas are soft, you have to be careful where you drive just as in any desert area.  There’s a large area for parking. One night there was three of us in the area, other nights just two of us. We had good Verizon cell service. No TV.

We went geocaching one afternoon. (Curt must have been bored, he suggested it.) There is a 50-State Star series a couple of miles from where we are parked, so we took the jeep as close as we could to one of the caches off a sandy road. We found all 50 in the series, what was left of some of them, plus two more. This is what it looks like mapped on the geocaching website. C&SL  Curt’s tracker showed 6.79 miles, my GPS showed 7.10. All I know is that my hips really hurt by the time we got back. I thought the desert was fairly level, but once we got past the first point of the star, we couldn’t see the jeep until we got back around to the top again.

On our way to this camping spot, we passed Dumont Dunes. This is a BLM OHV (off-highway vehicle) recreation area. There is a long dirt road to the area and we could see that there were a lot of campers there.  There is another area just off the highway, the Dumont Little Dunes, which we did pull in to see if there is a charge. There is a charge, but I think it’s only for the off-highway vehicles, not for camping according to the website I looked up today.

For more pictures of our travel, please click here.

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