Saturday, December 12, 2015

BLM North of Joshua Tree CA boondocking

We found the boondocking area north of Joshua Tree through The GPS coordinates showed a house when we looked it up, so we had to search around to find the area. Looking on Google Earth we were able to see campers in a couple of areas in the desert, so we got new GPS coords.

We have 4G 2 bar Verizon and get about 20 TV channels, although most of them are not in English. We're thinking they're Chinese or Japanese.  We're about 10 miles from the nearest Walmart and Home Depot (which we've been to already) in Yucca Valley.  The nearest post office is in Joshua Tree.

Some nights we've had about 25 vehicles in the area, well spread out. That's been over the weekends. During the week it's down to about seven of us. Weekends its busy with dirt bikes, dune buggies, remote airplanes, target shooting, etc.

 We've had some beautiful days with highs of 70s, but this coming week there's a storm front coming in with lows in the 30s. So I'm thinking we'll be heading to a campground; we'll need to dump and get water, wash clothes, etc.  This week we had a couple of days of wind; one really windy like we had in Death Valley. So the solar panels were put back down and the slides were put in again. I think we're lucky where we were parked though, as it looked worse closer to the hills.

We're south of the National Training Center in Fort Irwin. So occasionally we have helicopters flying over us, and we hear occasional "rumbling" noises.

And, of course, there's always beautiful sunrises and sunsets in the desert, though I can't say I'm ever awake for the sunrise! Curt, on the other hand, always is.

I usually use Windows Live Writer to write my blog before I publish it to Blogger, but for some reason I can't use it this week. So in case some of the pictures aren't lining up like they're suppose to, that why.

You should be able to click on all of the above pictures to enlarge them. For more pictures of our time here, please click here.

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