Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Quick Trip to North Dakota

After being at our son’s for about a month and doing some remodeling, we left Virginia and started to work out way to North Dakota. A family reunion is planned for July 4th weekend, but we found out my Dad has colon cancer and is planning on having surgery. He would like to wait until after the family reunion, and we (his kids) are trying to find out how serious it is and if he can wait. It’s interesting to see how 90-year-old people look at things differently. He doesn’t know why he is getting tests and consultations done, so we decided to head that way and see if we can help out somehow. I hate not getting answers regarding medical issues. Once we decided to go right away, we got on interstate (we never drive interstate highways) and just drove. We stayed overnight at Walmarts along the way.
IMG_6661  IMG_6659  SLAPTOP - IMG_7661
IMG_7671  IMG_7678  IMG_7680      IMG_7718  IMG_7723  IMG_7727  IMG_7741  IMG_7763  IMG_7764  IMG_7815  IMG_7819  IMG_7821IMG_7883  IMG_7896  IMG_7996  IMG_8002  IMG_8003  IMG_8016  IMG_8028  IMG_8029  IMG_8044  IMG_8053  IMG_8070  IMG_8073  IMG_8076  IMG_8077  IMG_8080  IMG_8084  IMG_8092  IMG_8095  IMG_8099  IMG_8107  IMG_8110  IMG_8114  IMG_8117  IMG_8120  IMG_8124  IMG_8139  IMG_8144  IMG_8165  IMG_8176  IMG_8201  IMG_8203  IMG_8212  IMG_8221  IMG_8222  IMG_8244  IMG_8248  IMG_8262

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