Friday, May 8, 2015

A Day in Washington, DC

Keith, Valerie, Curt & I went in to Washington, DC on the VRE (Virginia Railway Express). Dean went in to work earlier that morning and was going to meet us for the Arsenal of Democracy Flyover.  This is a flyover of WW2 airplanes over some of the memorials in DC. So we got to see how Dean and Valerie travel daily to work. 

IMG_7363  IMG_7364  IMG_7366 

We got to DC before the Smithsonian buildings opened, except for the castle, so we walked there first. We’ve been there before, and it isn’t much more than an information center, so we walked to the Air and Space Museum and waited. As we stood there, more and more buses came and unloaded students and tourists. We decided to hopefully find a place a little less crowded and went across the mall. There’s always construction on the mall it seems.

IMG_7381  IMG_7386  IMG_7387IMG_7383  IMG_7399IMG_7397IMG_7393  IMG_7395  IMG_7400  IMG_7401  IMG_7403  IMG_7406  

National Museum of American History    IMG_7410  IMG_7412  IMG_7413 IMG_7414 IMG_7441   IMG_7439IMG_7440 IMG_7416IMG_7417IMG_7419IMG_7421IMG_7422IMG_7425IMG_7426 IMG_7427IMG_7432IMG_7437 

The flyover was scheduled to start at 12:10 so we walked over to the Washington Monument and found a shady, grassy spot to sit down and wait.
 IMG_7447IMG_7461IMG_7543  IMG_7469  IMG_7472  IMG_7476  IMG_7477  IMG_7483  IMG_7486  IMG_7489  IMG_7493  IMG_7496  IMG_7499  IMG_7503  IMG_7509  IMG_7513  IMG_7518  IMG_7519  IMG_7525  IMG_7530  IMG_7531  IMG_7537  IMG_7540  IMG_7545  IMG_7550  IMG_7555  IMG_7561  IMG_7565  The last is the Missing Man Formation, while they plays Taps. 
IMG_7574  IMG_7586  IMG_7589

 National Air and Space Museum IMG_7590IMG_7591IMG_7594  IMG_7595  IMG_7597  IMG_7598  IMG_7599  IMG_7601  IMG_7603  IMG_7604  IMG_7611  IMG_7608IMG_7609IMG_7610  IMG_7612  IMG_7614  IMG_7615 IMG_7626  IMG_7624  IMG_7623  IMG_7631  IMG_7633  IMG_7635  IMG_7636  IMG_7638  IMG_7640 

We could have spent the whole day in just one of the Smithsonians, there is so much to see. It was a full day, and we got in a lot of steps!

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