Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Natchez Trace–Part 3: Into Alabama and Tennessee

We went almost 200 miles today and stopped at Meriwether Lewis campground, mm 385.9 at about 3:00.    We didn’t stop at all of the signs since I found the website and am able to read them from there. Curt doesn't want to stop and start with the rig constantly. For those that are interested in the historical signs and pictures that I didn’t take today are located:                  French Camp area                Houston/Mantee area                 Tupelo MS area                      Tishomingo/Belmont MS area      Alabama Trace           Waynesboro Tennessee area              Hohenwald/Summertown area

There was a tornado in this area in late April 2011.  It followed the Trace for about 10 miles.      IMG_5323IMG_5324IMG_5326
There is a visitor center at mm 266.0 that has an exhibit and a 15-minute video regarding how the Natchez Trace came to be. It would have been good to have this at the beginning of the Trace. The Mississippi DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) started campaigning to commemorate the Trace in 1905. There was research to see if making roads was feasible and the history research for the information. The Natchez Trace Parkway does not follow the Old Trace trail exactly because there were areas they weren’t sure where the old trail was. They also used some of the roads available and had to go around towns or dams, etc. that weren’t there before. There are a few signs that point to the original trace trail. There are some places along the way where you can hike the trail.
IMG_5388IMG_5385IMG_5386 IMG_5392IMG_5393IMG_5396IMG_5398IMG_5403IMG_5410IMG_5405IMG_5406IMG_5408
We can see the difference in the “spring” trees, or lack thereof, as we’ve gotten further north. Not near as many flowering trees or trees budding. They must have had a lot of rain too, as there’s water setting in a lot of the fields and ditches.

Happy birthday to our son, Keith, for yesterday!

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