Sunday, April 5, 2015

Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort

 We decided to spend the next two nights at Harrah's Cherokee Casino Resort at Cherokee, North Carolina. Being a holiday weekend, we wanted to stay off the highways, and the resort parking lot was fairly empty. Saturday night we had a row of RVs and trucks, but Sunday was only a couple of us. They have a strip on the highway side of the parking lot for larger vehicles, and even have some picnic tables and a walking trail to the resort, or you can go to the shuttle stop and catch a ride.
IMG_6251  IMG_4313   IMG_6253 IMG_6254  IMG_4312  IMG_6257  IMG_6259  IMG_6261  IMG_4315 
We did not try our hand at gambling, but a few people tried fishing in the stream beside us. I didn’t see anybody catch anything though.

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