Saturday, April 4, 2015

From Tennessee to North Carolina

This is a traveling day from Chattanooga, TN to Cherokee, NC. The road we went on, Hwy 64, then 74, is a lot of up and down, steep grades, corners and twists. The speed limit varies from 25 mph to 65. We were surprised there was a lot of traffic on it, but there’s not much for the upper east-west in North Carolina and it is a holiday weekend.

We started out with an elevation of 832 feet. First picture below is of Lookout Mountain where the battlefield is that we were at yesterday and took pictures with an elevation of 1850 feet.  I think our highest elevation driving today was 2720 feet.

IMG_5971  IMG_5979  IMG_5989IMG_5990 IMG_5999  IMG_6005    IMG_6010  IMG_6013IMG_6026   IMG_6029  IMG_6049  IMG_6059  IMG_6073  IMG_6097  IMG_6139  IMG_6142  IMG_6143  IMG_6150  IMG_6152  IMG_6167  IMG_6169  IMG_6178  IMG_6181  IMG_6201  IMG_6206  IMG_6207  IMG_6209  IMG_6220  IMG_6222  IMG_6233  IMG_6236  IMG_6248  IMG_6250 
The 1996 Centennial Olympics was held on the Ocoee River in Tennessee. Also the 2013 World Freestyle Kayaking Championships were in another area of the river in North Carolina. There is a lot of wildwater rafting, kayaks, ziplines, etc. along this river. They definitely know how to make money on the Ocoee River. Lots of people out this Easter weekend, and I bet the water is cold!
IMG_6131  IMG_5998  IMG_6039  IMG_6063  IMG_6066  IMG_6069  IMG_6091  IMG_6096  IMG_6174

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