Friday, March 27, 2015

On the Road Again! and on to Aransas Pass, Texas.

~ I just can’t wait to get on the road again~ After sitting for 5 months, it is definitely time to get going. There’s been people leaving the resort from the end of February on and things are definitely slowing down. When the weather is nice, everyone is outside cleaning and packing. The problem is, it seems to rain more than have sunshine.

We took off from Bentsen Palm Village on Tuesday, March 24th, heading to Aransas Pass, near Corpus Christi. We’re staying at Ransom Road RV Park, a Passport America campground. We don’t like to make reservations, but I did call ahead to see if there were any openings. She told me one left (do we believe that?)  We decided to reserve and took off. It was weird getting everything packed up and moving.  It was around 3:00 when we got to the campground and checked in; it definitely is full. We got a semi-super site, which has concrete pad and an extra pad for our Jeep, water, sewer, 50-amp, cable, wifi for $20/night PA.  It’s a nice park, small. There’s a ferry (free) that takes you to the island of Port Aransas, Mustang Island and Padre Island (one long island). Port Aransas is the only community on the island. We decided to wait until Wednesday morning to do that and just drove around a little that night. We went to the Conn Brown Harbor, the home port for dozens of shrimp trawlers which fish the Gulf of Mexico and helped Aransas Pass earn the title “The Shrimp Capital of the World”. I’m thinking this is past tense, as it looks pretty bare now. There are plans for improvement. Curt also worked on our camera system, trying to get the monitor to work all of the time.

Wednesday morning we packed up some water and snacks and took off to the ferry and Port Aransas. The signs on the highway showed a wait time of 15 minutes, but it didn’t take that long. There were 4 ferries working. We can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be cheaper just to build a bridge across and not use ferries. We drove around town; pretty typical of touristy beach town and found our way to the beach. There is a mile long rock pier that we walked on into the water, watching ships and fishermen. After that we walked on the beach, picking up shells, metal detecting and just relaxing. It was really a beautiful day.  We made the mistake of going back to catch the ferry about 4:30 and it was a longgg waiting line. So we drove around again, got some geocaches and munzees and headed back.


       Ditches full of spring flowers.                 Border Patrol checkpoint.           Prices varied from $2.39 to $2.89 for diesel.     
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