Monday, August 4, 2014

A lake, family, fishing and relaxing

07/24/14 – 08/03/14: On to a Minnesota lake, family, fishing and relaxing.

Our niece and her family just happened to be on the pontoon near the highway as we drove to their cabin.
deer in the field next door every morning 
some kind of crane in the fields

We went through lots of old slides that Curt's folks had taken, Sorted them out, kept some, threw some. This slide is of my parents many years ago, I think for one of my brother's weddings, 1974.

Our catch for a day
We fished every day; some days enough for a meal, some days nothing. It was a very relaxing week.

The lake is high this year. They usually have a nice sandy beach - no beach this year. 

Find the toads?

Beautiful sunsets

 Pelican Rapids, MN

and more flooding

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