Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy 90th birthday Dad!

We arrived at North Park Campground in Dickinson, ND on August 10th, initially had reserved a spot for 2 weeks and ended up  staying there 3 weeks. We aren’t able to park at my dad’s house. We were having a 90th birthday party for my dad on the 16th and all of his children (only 4 of us) and grandchildren (12) are coming. Only missing are 2 of the grandchildren’s spouses. My dad had everything reserved, food ordered, etc. I think he was pretty excited.

 IMG_9586IMG_9589 North Park Campground, $220/week, $34/night.
IMG_9596IMG_9597 IMG_0177
IMG_0616 IMG_0617  
IMG_9686Our family, minus a daughter-in-law IMG_9794
IMG_9705My brothers and I and DadIMG_9711and with in-laws
 IMG_9744 Great-grandpa and great-grandchildren, minus 1, who wouldn’t leave mom.IMG_9772Grandpa and all of the grandchildren, who live in North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, Oregon, Texas and Virginia
. IMG_9733 IMG_0006 IMG_0010
  IMG_0065  IMG_9885 IMG_9887 Pictures in the shape of “90”
IMG_0191 IMG_0201 IMG_0271 IMG_0469 We took a drive in the country, they’ve had a lot of rain here too.
We left town on the 31st of August – starting our drive south…
IMG_0622 IMG_0640 IMG_0646

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