Monday, March 31, 2014

3/31/14: Last days of March, leaving South Carolina and welcome to North Carolina!

Happy 27th birthday to Keith.

Nice estate
Oil trucks

Now we found some blossoming trees!

Globe at the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce
Have you  seen a pink elephant?

You are welcomed at their church, but the cemetery looks pretty old.

Wow, if North Dakota could see those prices!
South Carolina roads could use some work.
Boiled or roasted peanuts sign ahead


Look at that red soil.

 The peach water tower, mentioned in the Netflix movie "House of Cards", season 1, at Gaffney, SC.
 It's 135 feet tall and holds 1 million gallons of water. The leaf is 60 feet long.
Some people say it looks like a big butt.
We had company at Walmart,
including a detective the next morning, asking if we had seen a black guy walking around the area. There was an armed robbery in front of Walmart about 9:00 that morning.  

Liver mush - what can I say? They also had canned boiled peanuts.
Getting on to interstate. Both Curt and I remembered why we didn't like driving interstate! Man, were there a lot of trucks.
More logging.

Welcome to North Carolina!
Speed limit 65 on the interstate.
North Carolina interstate is much better.

Lots of industrial buildings in this area.
Spring flowers on the side of the road.

 Getting to Charlotte, NC. Sky scrapers in the background.
We bypassed downtown.
I like their ads.
Lots of road construction.
Power ball or mega millions anyone?
Gas and diesel are more expensive in North Carolina
More police at Walmart?! We don't know why, but there were 3 cars.
 Young lady standing at the Walmart entrance, asking for money for food and gas for her 2 children. She had a lot of people giving her money, until the policeman left Walmart and she was told to leave.

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